Securing network devices

Do you know if your home network was setup correctly? Is your data safe? Do your network devices have the necessary security? This is some security questions that you need to ask when you have your network at home. Wired and wireless network connection is using different types of network security. If you do your banking online, purchase online, connect with friends, it is critical for you to review your network make sure that all possible security holes are fixed. Just think of this, a hacker that exploits the security vulnerability of your network can be on standby right now to steal some valuable information from your computer.

You can say that your network is setup correctly if you have the basic devices to make up a network and has security features at the same time.

Modem - Provided by your internet service provider (ISP) that is the source of your internet connection. Depending upon what device model you have, it normally comes with security for additional protection.

Router - Can have both wired and wireless capability, shares that internet connection. Some firewall serves as what they call a hardware firewall and software firewall.

Wireless Security - The basic wireless security options to choose from is WEP, WPA and MAC address filtering.

Network security gives you two kinds of protection. First, protection against malicious software, like virus and spyware and protection against hackers or people that can steal some sensitive information from your computer. Your network security is only as secure as the unsecured computer in the network. Meaning if you have three computers and one does not have the necessary security, the whole network will still be vulnerable from hack attacks. The worm is a malicious code or software that spreads from one computer to another using the network highway.

Operating system link Microsoft Windows 7 offers some more protection like windows firewall and windows defender. This is the basic securities that you need to consider when doing your network security review. With this protection securely on all the time, you will have peace of mind doing your banking and purchasing online because you know that you are fully protected. Besides this, you should also be familiar on how to avoid manual virus and spyware removal on your computer. 

So there is reason that wireless network security is so important. And there are two key areas where security is important:

Broadband Security - All Internet connections are vulnerable to some hacker attack. It does not matter whether your connection is an always-on broadband connection or dial-up. To protect your network from attack, you should turn on any available 'firewall' that is provided in your access point or router. A firewall is a term that is used on any device, hardware or software, that creates a barrier to access, from outside or from inside, on your network. There are highly sophisticated firewalls available but just by using the basic NAT router firewall can be effective.

Broadcast Security - As stated previously, you are broadcasting to the world your network's existence. You can physically lock your doors and windows of your home providing your home with a 'physical' security. Buy you cannot do this with transmitted wireless signals that penetrate the exterior of your home. Therefore, you have to provide air-link security, and this is called Wi-Fi protected access (WPA). There are several different modes of WPA available, and I have another article that discusses the differences and vulnerability of each.

There are two sayings about wireless network security. The first is that there is no such thing as an entirely secure network security system that is 100% safe, secure and foolproof. The second saying is that the best security system ever devised is worthless if it is not turned on.